Email 3: We’re starting today [Template]

Subject #1: {firstname}, your best launch ever! Starts today… Benefit + time-sensitive reminder

Subject #2: Ready for your best launch? I’ll see you shortly {firstname} Benefit + time reminder


Hey lovely!

Opener about how you’re planning for the event (make it sound exciting – that’s the vibe you want!), and making it crystal clear it’s today (with details of what time it starts and where they need to click to join)

There’s a real party atmosphere here at Planathon-Central, and I’m just doing the final prepping for the goodies I’ll be sharing with you in today’s LIVE class!

We’re starting at [time / timezone]

Just click this link to join: [link to class]

Say you’re holding nothing back, and give the BIG promise of what they’ll get from coming to your event

I’m all about abundance in my life, so I’ll be sharing all my best tips, strategies and knowledge bombs…

In just 5 short days you’ll be walking away from the Planathon confident in your ability to have your best launch ever, with a simple, stress-free action plan that’s a perfect fit for you, your business and your audience! 

Are you excited to start?  I am!!

Use a curiosity-based ‘tease’ of what you’ll be covering in the first session, and why it matters/what benefit it gives them, with social proof if possible (This can be 1-3 bullet points if you like)

In today’s class, I’m revealing my “B___  D___ H___” Launch Framework.

This is the exact same framework I use for my own launches, AND with the 5, 6, and 7 figure entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, on their launches.

You’re going to love how much easier this makes things!

Emphasise the fact that you’ll be breaking things down into bite-size steps / easy to follow / things they can implement fast (i.e. that you’re not giving them a ton of hard work to do, just enough of the key pieces to give them something to get a quick win)

I’ll be breaking it down into bite-size steps for you to follow, and giving you my fast-start workbook so you can implement it immediately.

Gamification helps with attendance so announce/tease a contest for attendees if you’re having one

And….because you know I’m all about #DoTheWork and I love to reward BIG ACTION, I’ll be announcing the:

Love To Launch Contest!

Make sure you’re on the call to get all the juicy details on what’s up for grabs.

See you there lovely!

Laura x

Never assume everyone knows how the tech works! Offer a helping hand to reassure them

P.S. If you’re a little unsure how this all works, hit reply and we can help you with the tech J