Email 3 : We’re starting today [Framework & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Be direct with your reminder, so it’s clear what the email is about. You can use some curiosity, and a big benefit, but also with directive language too.


– Opener about how you’re planning for the event (make it sound exciting – that’s the vibe you want), and making it crystal clear it’s today (with details of what time it starts and where they need to click to join)

– Say you’re holding nothing back, and give the BIG promise of what they’ll get from coming to your event

– Use a curiosity-based ‘tease’ of what you’ll be covering in the first session, and why it matters/what benefit it gives them, with social proof if possible. (This can be 1-3 bullet points if you like)

– Emphasise the fact that you’ll be breaking things down into bite-size steps / easy to follow / things they can implement fast (i.e. that you’re not giving them a ton of hard work to do, just enough of the key pieces to give them something to get a quick win)

– Gamification helps with attendance so announce/tease a contest for attendees if you’re having one

– Your sign-off

– Never assume everyone knows how the tech works! Offer a helping hand to reassure them