Email 3: (Mid-cart open) [Framework & Copy Principles]

Conversion Email #3: Going it alone vs. getting my help (mid cart open) [FRAMEWORK & COPY PRINCIPLES]

Objective – click through to the sales page and buy. This email is to show the reader that there’s a hidden ‘cost’ of trying to go-it-alone, and you can give them the help they need to go faster, shorten the learning curve, get support as they learn a new skill etc.


– Subject line: direct and to the point about not going it alone. Also, remind them that doors are closing soon

– Opener – dive straight into why the reader might think it’s better to go-it-alone (notice we’re not shaming them, just acknowledging it and saying there are pros and cons)

– Lay out the ‘cost’ of trying to go-it-alone for what you offer help for in your program. 

Typically ‘costs’ include:

  • Taking longer to learn the skill so they risk losing momentum, burning out, and wasting time while others get ahead of them 
  • Making expensive mistakes
  • Looking unprofessional
  • Missing out on the opportunities that they would get from mastering what you help them with (e.g. more clients/income, more visibility, more confidence….whatever the outcome is that they get from working with you)

– Explain that there’s more to it than meets the eye in regards to mastering what you teach, and that you could only share so much in your launch experience workshops

– Next, you spell out how they get everything they need in your program. You’ve done all the hard work of distilling what they need with your proven strategies/resources that work so they don’t have to figure it out alone. Acknowledge the fact that when we’re learning new skills we hit roadblocks – you’ll help them get back on track fast because they will have your support.

– You don’t want to attract clients who won’t do the work to APPLY and implement what you’re teaching them, so explain that there’s work involved. You can use this to attract the traits you want in your clients – coachable, determined, take action on your teaching etc

– Remind them that doors are closing soon and you won’t be opening them again for a while

– Add in some proof of the types of results your clients have achieved from working with you and taking the program, if you have them

– You can use a light touch of FOMO to close, about being excited to start with the new members in a couple of days, and invite them to join you.

– Your sign off

– [Add 2-3 calls to action with links to the sales page throughout the email]