Email 2: Show up live to the event [Template]

 Subject #1: {firstname}, you’re all in, right? Call-out question (people want to be seen as ‘all in’)

Subject #2: Your best launch ever – I can’t start the party without you! Big promise and fun call-out


Hey lovely!

 A short universally relatable story about being open-minded and having a ‘have a go’ attitude, and willingness to enjoy the process

Remember when you were a kid learning to ride your bike?

 The thrill of clambering on and peddling precariously away, as freedom beckoned.

 It didn’t matter that the stabiliser wheels squeaked, or that you could only just reach the ground with your tippy-toes. All you focused on was the excitement of having a go, right?

 Acknowledge that most of us fear failure as adults (and therefore let that keep us stuck)

But when we grow up, all too often our ‘have a go’ attitude vanishes!

 We get stuck in procrastination mode, rather than embracing the fun of doing.

 We worry that our efforts won’t be a high-fives-all-round, Insta-worthy success…

 …and let that fear of failure stop us in our tracks.

 Show why your launch event is different (with the inference that it helps you overcome your fears), and that being ‘all in’ is how they’ll achieve the best results

But not on the Love To Launch ® Planathon!

You see, I’m all about #DoTheWork with a side order of Consistency + Patience = Results!

 When you commit to being “all in” for the experience…THAT’S where the magic happens.

 I’ve seen it time and again. 

The people who show up to the calls, get their burning questions answered, and set some time aside to implement….well lo’ and behold…a launch plan tailored just for them starts to take shape.

Crazy, right?! (It’s almost like I’ve done this before!)

Here’s what I want for you {firstname}…

Be the person in their corner by giving them the opportunity to commit to their own growth by attending live

Make a promise to yourself to show up LIVE to the Planathon calls (I’ve made them timezone friendly for wherever you are, and they WILL be fun, pinkie-promise!) 

Back it up with 3-4 big benefits they’ll get (which help them overcome their biggest frustrations/pain points)

Gobble up the easy-to-follow launch coaching I’ll be giving you – it’s specifically designed to simplify your launch, not leave you overwhelmed. Benefit

And use this golden opportunity to implement my proven launch planning strategies, tips, and resources to help you map out your best launch ever.  Benefit

It’s 100% FREE! Benefit

It will be totally fabulous (hello…it’s Love To Launch’s 2nd birthday party!)

Plus you get to tap into ALL my best launch planning coaching and get your questions answered live. Benefit

Re-state the big overarching promise of what they’ll achieve

 My big goal is for you to walk away from the Planathon confident in your ability to have your best launch ever, with a simple, stress-free action plan that’s a perfect fit for you, your business and your audience! 

 Add a ‘full transparency’ statement about how there will also be an opportunity to get more help from you after the event

 And full transparency, yes, if you want MORE of my help I’ll be selling something at the end to give you the opportunity to join me beyond the Planathon. (Full transparency? Now there’s a refreshing change in online marketing!)

 Friendly final reminder on what they’ll achieve, and why showing up live means they get your help

 So, lovely! It’s time to get your planner out and commit to doing what it takes to show up, step up, and plan your best launch ever…with my help!

 Add some social proof of value people have got from your free content before

 “You gave away more actionable tips in the free class than I’ve seen in courses I’ve paid for!”  was the comment from several attendees on my last free event.  

 Get them excited to start (plus psychologically people don’t like to self-identify as half-committed)

Are YOU all in?

Give me a heck yeah, and let’s get this Planathon Party started!

 Here are all the details: when / where / link to your FB page

 Laura x