Email 2: Show up live to the event [Template 2]

Subject #1: {firstname}, you’re all in, right? Call-out question (people want to be seen as ‘all in’) 

Subject #2: A thriving holistic practice – I can’t start the party without you! Big promise and fun call-out


Hi – 

A short universally relatable story about being open-minded and having a ‘have a go’ attitude, and willingness to enjoy the process 

When was the last time you grabbed a pack of crayons and drew an elephant holding a balloon? 

I’m guessing you were about 8 years old. 

Tongue peeking out of the corner of your mouth, with glue and glitter at the ready, you needed no second invitation to get creating, right? 

Never mind if it was a bit wonky, or that you had more glitter in your hair than on the card. The fun was in having a go!

Acknowledge that most of us fear failure as adults (and therefore let that keep us stuck)

But when we grow up, all too often our ‘have a go’ attitude vanishes. (How many times do you hear adults saying they can’t draw? All the time.)

We get stuck in perfection mode, rather than embracing the fun of doing.

We worry that our efforts won’t be cute-art-on-Instagram worthy…

…and let that fear of failure stop us in our tracks. 

Show why your launch event is different (with the inference that it helps you overcome your fears), and that being ‘all in’ is how they’ll achieve the best results

But not on The Holistic Health Practice Profit-Booster Party!

You see I firmly believe that Showing Up + Taking Consistent Action = Results.

When you commit to being “all in” for the experience…THAT’S where amazing things happen. 

I’ve noticed it often with my students. 


The people who show up to the calls, get their burning questions answered, and set some time aside to implement….are the ones whose businesses start to grow.


It’s a beautiful thing to see. 


Here’s what I want for you {firstname}…


Be the person in their corner by giving them the opportunity to commit to their own growth by attending live

Make a promise to yourself to show up LIVE to the Profit-Booster Party calls (I’ve made them timezone friendly for wherever you are, and we’ll be having fun as well as learning together!) 


Back it up with 3-4 big benefits they’ll get (which help them overcome their biggest frustrations/pain points)

Soak up the easy-to-follow practice-building tips I’ll be giving you. They’re specifically designed to fit around your busy life, not add to your workload and leave you overwhelmed. Benefit


Use this golden opportunity to implement my proven patient-attracting, calendar-filling strategies, scripts, and resources. I’ll show you how to grow, but not at the expense of burning out.  Benefit


Listen to real-life success stories from holistic practitioners just like you (success leaves clues – you can follow them). Plus you get coaching and all your biggest questions answered live. Benefit


 The entire event is FREE! Benefit


Re-state the big overarching promise of what they’ll achieve


My big goal is for you to walk away from The Profit-Booster Party confident in your ability to grow your holistic health practice with authenticity and ease…with my proven strategies and resources for a full calendar, a plentiful income stream and the confidence to build an enjoyable, effective holistic health business on your terms! 

Add a ‘full transparency’ statement about how there will also be an opportunity to get more help from you after the event


I’ll be giving you everything you need to get off to a flying start in the free sessions. And, full transparency, if you want MORE of my help I’ll be selling something at the end, to give you the opportunity to tap into additional support and guidance should you wish.  


Friendly final reminder on what they’ll achieve, and why showing up live means they get your help


So, are you ready?! 


It’s time to get your planner out and commit to doing what it takes to show up, step up, and get your healing gifts out into the world through the business you love…with my help!


Add some social proof of value people have got from your free content before


“You gave away more actionable tips in the free class than I’ve seen in courses I’ve paid for!”  was the comment from several attendees on my last free event.  


Get them excited to start (plus psychologically people don’t like to self-identify as half-committed) 


Are YOU all in? 


Then let’s get this Profit-Boosting Party started!


Here are all the details: when / where / link to your FB page