Email 2: Show up live to the event [Framework & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Call-out (as a question that they want to agree with), or big promise & fun call-out


– Open with a short universally relatable story about being open-minded and having a ‘have a go’ attitude, and willingness to enjoy the process (even if we’ve forgotten it!) to pre-frame them ‘having a go’ to get the best experience from your launch

– Acknowledge that most of us fear failure as adults and therefore let that keep us stuck

– Show why your launch event is different (with the inference that it will help your IC overcome their fears) and that being ‘all in’ is where the best results are achieved

– Be the person in their corner by giving them the opportunity to commit to their own growth by attending live

– Back it up with 3-4 big benefits they’ll get (which help them overcome their biggest frustrations/pain points)

– Re-state the big overarching promise of what they’ll achieve

 – Add a ‘full transparency’ statement about how there will also be an opportunity to get more help from you after the event

 – A friendly final reminder on what they’ll achieve, and why showing up live means they get your help

 – Add some social proof of value people have got from your free content before

 – Get them excited to start (plus psychologically, people don’t like to think of themselves as half-committed)

 – Details of the first call (when / where)

 – Your sign-off