Email 2: Myth Busting – Mid Open Cart [Framework & Copy Principles]

Conversion Email #2: Myth-busting / why what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked & why this is different (mid cart open) [FRAMEWORK AND COPY PRINCIPLES]


Objective – click through to the sales page and buy. This is about myth-busting common beliefs your audience has, and showing why what they’ve tried hasn’t worked and why your program is different


– Subject line: We’re addressing head on the objection that they have (that they’ve tried other things which haven’t worked) or pre-framing the fact that your program is different from what they’ve already tried (that didn’t work as hoped)

– Opener – lead with empathy and understanding. You don’t want the reader to feel shamed in any way that what they’ve already tried hasn’t worked. Rather you want to show you understand, and you’re on their side.

– You can use a question like ‘Maybe you can relate?’ to get the reader mentally nodding along with what you’re saying.

– List out 2-3 common things in your niche that people get told to do, but that often don’t work because they’re too hard, or overwhelming, or advanced etc – list them out, to show that you ‘get’ the things they’ve already tried. We’re doing this to ‘poke holes’ in common misconceptions/misguided beliefs. 

For example:

  • It could be that your audience think they need a £1000 camera and home-studio to make good videos – rather than a smartphone. 
  • Or they think you need a garage full of gym gear to get fit, rather than walking and simple bodyweight exercises
  • Or they believe that you need a degree in design to create engaging images for social media, rather than using a simple tool like Canva with some easy how-to videos to follow

Very important note – We do NOT make disparaging remarks or criticise competitors or their programs though, just common industry processes and/or misconceptions/misguided beliefs

– Use a softener phrase and let them ‘off the hook’ by indirectly saying it’s not your fault you haven’t succeeded before. You want them to feel understood, not chastised!

– Then you flip the script and segue into how your program is different from these other things they’ve tried e.g. simpler, easier, more support etc

Go into how your program is going to be a better fit for them (keep it high level, not nitty gritty module/bonuses detail). Use upbeat language – people want to be inspired and know you’ve got their back, not that it’s going to be a struggle and grind (although be honest about doing the work of course)

– You can add in a small personal story about what your big aha moment was that lead you to creating your program this way

– Give them the BIG benefits they’ll get from joining your program

– Remind them that the doors are closing soon. 

– Add some social proof with a couple of testimonials

– Finish up by showing that you’re excited to be part of their success journey

– Your sign off

– [Add 2-3 calls to action with links to the sales page throughout the email]