Email 1: Invitation to join the launch event [Template]

Subject #1: My confession – no judging ok? Intrigue

Subject #2: {Free Event} Are you ready to have your best launch ever? Big Promise


Hey lovely!

Why you’re emailing – give context, and acknowledge some of the core pain points your audience have (the emotions)

Something’s been bubbling up for a while, and now it’s time for me to share.

#RealTalk alert!

 I’m talking about getting unstuck…Overcoming self-doubt…Forgiving yourself for what hasn’t worked before.

 And saying YES to doing things differently instead.

 You already know I love my people (yes, that’s you!) FIERCELY. And it drives me CRAZY to think that you might inadvertently be playing small and leaving your audience under-served…all because of the fears which are holding you back.

 Show that you understand because you used to have the same problems [Relatability]

Listen, I totally get it, because, confession time…they were the same fears I used to have too.

 Maybe you can relate…

 List out the biggest pain points/problems/frustrations your IC is experiencing (that you’ll be helping them overcome in your launch event) Agitate the pain with emotional language.

My audience isn’t big enough, my list is tiny, and my business sooo isn’t ready

Who am *I* to put myself out there big time with a launch, what will people think of me?

Where do I even start with implementing all the pieces of a launch without burning out?

What happens if it fails and I look like a complete fool?

Other people in my niche are already way ahead of me with this, how can I be successful when I don’t have a brand and personality as good as theirs?


I’ve battled with all of these thoughts at times.

But here’s what I’ve realised in my 13 years in online marketing, and from working with 5, 6, and 7 figure entrepreneurs on their launches… Social proof – be their lighthouse

 Give them a ‘let out’ from the problems – they’re not alone, but you want something better for them

We ALL feel these fears.

 And that’s OK. There’s zero judgment from me.

 But letting it KEEP us stuck and small isn’t OK, and I don’t want that for you.

 Segue into the solution to the problems…which is to join your event – big promise, with brief detail on when/where/being free, and sign up link

 Which is why I’m so excited to invite you to my brand new free online event:

the Love To Launch ® Planathon

 Oh yes! Cake, sparklers, dance moves, and our best launch planning PARTAYYYY!

 Me + You = Planning your BEST LAUNCH EVER!

 It’s all happening on the 24th – 28th June and it’s totally free.

 All you need to bring is your best energy and a whole lotta’ love for your business (bonus points for party hats!)

 3-4 bullet points sharing the big benefits/golden nuggets they’ll get from joining your event (notice that each benefit overcomes one of their problems)

And I’ll be bringing all my very best launch planning strategies, to give you:


  • Easy-to-follow launch coaching to help you map out your best launch ever (forget the gazillion step funnels, I’m all about simple and fun)


  • My proven strategies and go-to resources – everything you need to plan and execute your entire launch like a pro, without being derailed by stress and overwhelm


  • Workshops to help you kiss goodbye to imposter syndrome and step into a new level of confidence and ease with your launches so that you can show up as the leader your customers need you to be


  • Oodles of opportunities to talk with me 1:1 (because hello…that’s how I roll)


Summarise with the BIG overarching promise you’re making with your event

You’ll walk away from the Planathon confident in your ability to have your best launch ever, with a simple, stress-free action plan that fits perfectly for you, your business, and your audience.

 In fact, by the end of our time together, you’re going to say…“I never knew launches could be this fun and easy.”

Call to action with sign up link

So get your party on and sign up for my free Planathon here:

 It’s going to be totally FABULOUS and I can’t wait to see you there lovely!

Laura x

 P.S. (Optional) Acknowledge a common objection (not enough time), show why this isn’t aligned with what they desire, and give the big promise again to overcome the objection, with sign up link

P.S. Holidays looming, kids off school, clients to keep happy…yep, I know you might be thinking you don’t have time for one more thing on your To-Do list.

 But if you truly believe your business deserves to grow, launches are the way to make that happen.

 Whether you want to launch in two, three, or four months’ time, joining us on the Love To Launch ® Planathon NOW means you’ll have all your ducks in a row for your best launch ever!