Email 1: Invitation to join the launch event [Template 2]

Subject #1: Triple your patient bookings [Free training event]  Big promise benefit-based
Subject #2: The fast-track to losing your holistic practice?  Curiosity, fear-based

Hi – 

Why you’re emailing – give context, and acknowledge some of the core pain points your audience have (the emotions)

I’ve decided it’s time to take a stand, so I’m inviting you to my brand new free training!  

(Check out details below)

You see, recently I’ve witnessed something which makes me sad, mad, and all the emotions in-between. 

What did I see?

Three talented holistic health practitioners giving serious thought to quitting, because although they love working with patients, the business side of work has almost defeated them.

List out the biggest pain points/problems/frustrations your IC is experiencing (that you’ll be helping them overcome in your launch event) Agitate the pain with emotional language.


They struggle every day with… 

Not getting enough return bookings from patients, which means they’re constantly stressed trying to fill the calendar.

Feeling exhausted from chasing new business and drained from the worry of being able to keep the clinic doors open long term (which impacts how they can show up and give effective treatments.)

Being overwhelmed by all the tasks of being a business owner, and not having a tried and trusted source of solutions and support to tap into.

Maybe you can relate? 

Show that you understand because you used to have the same problems [Relatability]

If so, you’re not alone. 

I completely understand how it feels because I had the same challenges too. In fact I almost lost my business from burnout – neglecting my own health while healing others. (Ironic, right?)

Proof that what you do works

But through making some life-changing shifts I now enjoy high patient retention, consistent 6-figure years, happy patients getting life-altering results, and a stress-free business, with amazing staff and a practice I’m proud to welcome patients to. 

Segue into the solution to the problems…which is to join your event – big promise, with brief detail on when/where/being free, and sign up link


This is why I’m excited to invite you to my brand new free online event: 


The Holistic Health Practice Profit-Booster Party 

Sign up here: [Link] Call to action

It’s all happening online on [date – date] and it’s completely free to attend. 

I can’t wait to see you there. 

All you need to bring is your best energy, an inquiring mind, and a big heart for your business!

3-4 bullet points sharing the big benefits/golden nuggets they’ll get from joining your event (notice that each benefit overcomes one of their problems, and 2 have social proof)

And I’ll be bringing you my very best practice-growing strategies to give you, including…

  • The simple reframe strategy to triple your patient appointment bookings.  Holistic practitioner Claudia used this method and 8 out of 10 attendees at a local talk scheduled a new patient appointment – I’ll show you exactly what to say any time you’re talking to potential new patients
  • Why the ‘Do More to Make More’ hamster wheel will keep you stuck in a cycle of over-delivering and under-charging. When I show you what to focus on instead you instantly create more leverage and better serve your patients. (I shared this strategy with Pauline and she went from working her fingers to the bone giving 10 manual sessions a day, to freeing up her time to do the work she really wanted to do) 
  • The 7 steps to growing your holistic health practice with authenticity and ease…Workshops and Q&A sessions to give you my proven strategies and resources for a full calendar, a plentiful income stream and the confidence to build an enjoyable, effective holistic health business on your terms. 

Summarise with the BIG overarching promise you’re making with your event 

At the end of the Profit-Boosting Party you’ll walk away knowing WHERE your business is stuck, WHAT to do to get fast results, and HOW to grow without burning out, for the benefit of you, your practice and your patients.

I can’t wait to help you fall back in love with being in business again!

Call to action with sign up link

Sign up here: [Link] 


P.S. (Optional) Acknowledge a common objection (not enough time), show why this isn’t aligned with what they desire, and give the big promise again to overcome the objection, with sign up link

P.S. You’re busy, and I know you might be thinking you don’t have time for one more thing on your To-Do list. 

But I also know you’re a holistic healer because you want to have a bigger impact in the world. 

To do that your business needs to be healthy so you can confidently treat patients for great results, have a booked out calendar, and the financial abundance to take care of yourself and your loved ones. That’s exactly what we’re going to walk through in this training! 

Here’s where to reserve your spot: [Link] Call to action