Email 1: Invitation to join the launch event [Framework & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Intrigue, or big promise (if you use intrigue make sure you ‘pay it off’ in the first section of your email)


– Why you’re emailing – a sentence or two to give context, and acknowledge some of the core pain points your audience have (the emotions)

– Show that you understand because you used to have the same problems [Relatability]

– List out the biggest pain points/problems/frustrations your IC is experiencing (that you’ll be helping them overcome in your launch event). Use emotional language that resonates with them. Use either ‘Me, My, I’ language (first-person writing, as if they’re saying it in their own head), or ‘You, Your’ language (second-person writing, to make it about them). Don’t use 3rd person language (he, she, they, them) as it’s less impactful. We want the reader to see themselves in this.

– Give them a ‘let out’ from the problem – show them they’re not alone, but that you want something better for them (positioning you as their lighthouse)

– Add some social proof on why they should listen to you

– Segue into the solution to the problems…which is to join your event – big promise, with brief detail on when/where/being free, and sign up link

– Have 3-4 bullet points sharing the big benefits/golden nuggets they’ll get from joining your event (notice that each benefit overcomes one of their problems)

– Summarise with the BIG overarching promise you’re making with your event

– Call to action with sign up link

– Your sign-off

– P.S. (Optional) Acknowledge a common objection (not enough time), show why this isn’t aligned with what they desire, and give the big promise again to overcome the objection, with sign up link

IC = Ideal Client