5. Last chance (Cart Close) [Template]

Subject #1: Last chance, doors are closing Direct/plain/fear of missing out

Subject #2: We’re starting now. Are you joining us? [Last chance] Question based, direct, fear of missing out


Hey lovely!

Opener – no ambiguity, letting them know it’s their last chance to join (with a bit of excitement mixed in)

Doors are closing TODAY, and we’re all excited to start planning our launches.

Invitation / Call to action

You too?  

There’s still time to join Let’s Launch Together.

Just click here and enter your details: [Link to sales page]

Future pacing – you’re asking them to step into the version of their life where they already have the outcome they’ll have from working with you (super powerful!). Notice it’s written in the present tense as if they already have it. Make it juicy and compelling.

Imagine this….

You’re sipping a cup of your favourite brew in the quiet of the morning.

You open your inbox and slowly smile as the emails filter in…

Jenny, thanking you because of how much happier she feels now she’s working with you.

Bob, wanting to let you he’s feeling hopeful about the future because he took a leap of faith in your program.

Sally, squealing with excitement and promises of coffee when she sees you, because she implemented that suggestion you gave her, and smashed it!

And all because you launched.

Show them that you’re their champion/lighthouse who wants to help them achieve the outcomes they desire

I want you to be receiving emails like this, just 12 short weeks from now.

I want you to say ‘I freakin’ LOVE launching’ as you see the sales going ka-ching in your cart.

I want you to have such a buzz from getting your awesomeness out into the world, AND profiting well from it, that you can’t wait to do launch number two!

But most of all…I want you to be proud of being an action-taker, and investing in YOUR future…to have a better business and a better life.

Be directive – they need to take action now (most people need a hard deadline to take action)

And it all starts now.

This is the last time I’ll be emailing you about Let’s Launch Together – the doors are closing at midnight tonight.

Click here to join [Link]  Call to action

Lay out the choices they have – do nothing, or join. (NB – don’t be a slimeball about if they choose to do nothing!)

Right now you’re at a fork in the road…

You can either carry on as you are (if your business is where you want it to be, I’m super happy for you!)

Or you can be the person who grabs an opportunity with both hands when you know it’s right and does whatever it takes to create your dream future, now.

Give them a little peek into what you’ll all be working on together as soon as it starts (make them feel like they want to be part of the fun)

Next week I’ll be kicking off with the foundational module in Let’s Launch Together (It’s all about creating your BEST launch ever…with those dream clients you can’t wait to work with…), and we’ll be having the first coaching calls and brainstorming sessions.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s launches come to life, including yours!

One final reminder of the big promise of your program/course

Remember, this is the complete package…

Let’s Launch Together is a unique coaching program to take you step by step through the whole creation and implementation of your launch plan, in just 12 weeks.

You get ALL my training, support, and mentoring…everything you need (and more importantly nothing you don’t) to stay focused and on-track, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

You can add details of your guarantee here if you want (risk removal)

Backed by my 7 day guarantee.

You have 7 days to decide if the program is right for you – dive into the training, come on the calls, and if for any reason you decide it’s not right for you just contact us and we’ll issue a full refund.

Now is your last chance to join.

As much as I love being in launch mode, coaching is my happy place…which is why the doors are closing today, so I can focus on helping my members get amazing results.

Here’s where to join us [Link to sales page]  Call to action

See you on the inside,

Laura x

Testimonials/success stories for social proof and one final call to action

P.S. I want to help you WOW your audience and have a successful launch. It’s what I absolutely LOVE to do! But don’t just take my word for it. This is what some of my previous launch-ees say:

“I had no idea my success was going to happen so fast! Within just 12 weeks I’ve launched a course that generated $7,000 in sales” Yasmine Cheyenne – Author and Spiritual Teacher

“I launched a new group program from zero, within 6 weeks, and made £4,500 in sales!” Helen Hopkins – The Balance Coach

“Before Laura I had never had a successful launch – now everything has changed. I made $6,000 in 2 weeks!” Adrienne Luedeking – Freelancer Coach and founder of Fruitfully Alive

“I’ve gone from 5-figure to 6-figure launches and built a business I love” Lukas Van Vyve – Creator of the Effortless Conversations Method

Click HERE [LINK] to check out more success stories and join us.