4. Cart Open day 4 [Template]

Subject #1: Just checking? Curiosity, short

Subject #2: Let’s Launch Together…got questions? [Answers inside]  Reference offer, ask if they have Q’s


Hey lovely!

Opener (only use this if it’s true. Otherwise it’s icky) – a short sentence referencing the fact that people have already joined, and you’re all excited to start the course/program. This serves 2 purposes – social proof, and FOMO (fear of missing out)

The Welcome Introductions are pouring in from all the new members in the Let’s Launch Together community, and we’re getting ready for a flying start on Monday morning.

It’s fantastic to see, and I’m itching to start coaching everyone. Yay!

Bring it straight back to the reader – how can you help them make a decision

What about you?

I’d LOVE to see you in there too, and I’m wondering if there are a few final questions I can answer for you to help you decide…

The ‘Will this work for me?’ Objection.  Offset by reassuring them and showing how do-able you make it.

Q: Is Let’s Launch Together right for my particular circumstances?

A: Do you have a product or service such as an online course, program, event, membership, or digital product, or are you thinking of putting one together? If you want a simple, stress-free way of building an audience, and serving them with your brilliance – all within 12 weeks – then Let’s Launch Together is perfect to help you do that.

Because it’s a balance of training, showing, and coaching, along with my full support and proven tools, tips, strategies, swipes, templates and more…it’s everything you need to go from idea to launch. We’re all in it together, which is the most powerful way I know to give you the momentum to launch successfully.

I had no idea my success was going to happen so fast!

Within just 12 weeks I’ve launched a course that generated $7000 in sales, spent nothing on ads and I didn’t create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year – people are asking for more and more!”

Yasmine Cheyenne – Author and Spiritual Teacher

Click here to join us [Link to sales page] Call to action

The ‘I’m too busy / fear of change / not feeling ready enough’ Objection. Offset this by showing how the perfect right time doesn’t exist, how your program removes overwhelm, and that doing nothing means staying stuck

Q: I’m not sure if I’m ready to launch? Maybe I should wait a while?

A: Hey I get it! Life is hectic, and you have a gazillion things on your To-Do list. It’s easy to keep nudging your amazing business dream forward into that hazy future time when you hope you’ll have more time, feel more ready, and all the stars will be aligned.

And…..<putting my Coach Phillips tough-love hat on>…..I also know how stuck and frustrated you’ll feel when the months tick by, and your dream is still just that – a dream, rather than a reality.

There’s never a ‘perfect’ time to launch, and that’s why I’ve created Let’s Launch Together VERY intentionally to walk you step by step from zero to a successful launch, without any of the stress and overwhelm most people associate with launching. (I much prefer simple, fun and do-able!). 


I launched a new group program from zero, within 6 weeks, and made £4,500 in sales!

My very first launch was a total flop, it was exhausting and when I opened cart and nothing worked. Laura helped me to launch in 6 weeks and I made £4500! She has helped me see that launches can be authentic, and that I can be the real me, and that it is not about the sale but about the experience.

If you are sitting on the fence and wondering whether Laura is the right fit for you, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She is exceptional at what she does, has the most amazing knowledge and a true expert. Not only that but she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but will also give you a nudge when you need it.”

Helen Hopkins – The Balance Coach

Find out more here [Link to sales page] Call to action

The ‘I’ve already tried, I don’t want to fail again’ Objection. Acknowledge it, show them why your program is different and how much attention you’ll give them, etc.

Q: I’ve been burnt before by so-called gurus. I don’t want to waste more money.

A: I get why you’re wary of “online programs” ripping you off (been there, got the scars) and that’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do.

Let’s Launch Together isn’t just another course, it’s an in-depth coaching program, and I’m your mentor, by your side every step of the way. If you’re sick of all the online marketing B.S. and want to launch in a way that feels fabulous to you and your audience, you’re in the right place.

If you’re coachable and have a ‘can-do’ attitude, I’m ready to help you succeed!


I’ve gone from wanting to quit my business to £85,000 in my last launch

As an offline childcare training agency, I knew we weren’t tapping into the huge online training market enough. I remember how frazzled I was working 70 hour weeks before I started working with Laura, now I’ve had my biggest launch to date (£85,000). I’ll work with Laura for as long as she coaches!”  

Emma Dewey – Director of BabyEm Childcare Training Agency

Urgency close – remind them that the doors are closing soon

The doors are closing very soon, so I can focus on serving everyone in Let’s Launch Together.

Will you join us?

I’d love to be showcasing YOUR success story in my next launch.

Here’s where to grab your spot [Link to sales page] Call to action

Laura x

Invite them to get in touch with any questions they might have

P.S. Do you have any more questions? Just hit reply to this email, and I’ll happily answer them.