3. Mid Cart Open [Template]

Conversion Email #3: Going it alone vs. getting my help (mid cart open) [TEMPLATE]

Objective – click through to the sales page and buy. This email is to show the reader that there’s a hidden ‘cost’ of trying to go-it-alone, and you can give them the help they need to go faster, shorten the learning curve, get support as they learn a new skill etc.


Subject: No need to go-it-alone, Let’s Launch Together instead [Doors closing soon]

Hi lovely!

Straight into why the reader might think it’s better to go-it-alone (notice we’re not shaming them, just acknowledging it and saying there are pros and cons)

A trait most business owners have is the tenacity to figure things out alone…and this can be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it gives you the determination to press on when challenges arise, which inevitably they do. 

But it’s also a curse because being ‘the solo pioneer’ can be exhausting.

Lay out the ‘cost’ of trying to go-it-alone for what you offer help for in your program. Typically ‘costs’ include taking longer/losing momentum/burning out, making expensive mistakes, looking unprofessional, missing out on opportunities, missing out on more clients/income etc

And when it comes to launches, if you try to go-it-alone, the danger is that you’ll burn out long before you have the chance to reap the rewards of figuring out how to have a successful launch. 

It’s tempting to think that you can reverse engineer how to do a launch, right? 

I mean, if you joined me on my bootcamp last week, you’ve been part of my own Launch Experience® process.  

Allude to the fact that there’s more to it than meets the eye/what you shared in your launch experience workshops

But even though I’m renowned for being super transparent, what you enjoy as a member of the audience in my launches is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not that I’m holding back (attendees were raving about the content I shared). It’s just there’s only so much you can see from the outside. 

In a successful launch, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. 

Now spell out how they get everything they need in your program. You’ve done all the hard work of distilling what they need, proven strategies/resources that work so they don’t have to figure it out alone, plus the all-important support. Acknowledge the fact that when we’re learning new skills we hit roadblocks – you’ll help them get back on track fast.

And in my programme, Let’s Launch Together you get to ‘access all areas’ as we work side-by-side for 12 weeks to bring YOUR launch to life!

Check out the details here – you get everything you need Call to action

When you join us, you get my proven day-by-day, week-by-week plan. It’s easy to follow so you know exactly what to do, and when – no more guessing, and hoping it works. 

You also get my weekly coaching to go deeper on the training and get your questions answered, PLUS daily coaching during key weeks to boost your results. 

Creating a successful Launch Experience®  is about more than just what to do, it’s about who you are and how you show up. 

You will hit roadblocks, have wobbles, doubt yourself and maybe experience overwhelm. Keeping it real. 

As part of our Let’s Launch Together family, you get my hand-holding, coaching, and butt-kicking (with love!) when needed, to get unstuck fast. You have my direct feedback on everything from your offer to every detail of your launch, plus a community of peers working alongside you to cheer you on and keep you accountable.

Also, you get access to a whole library of tried and tested swipes and templates you can use in your launch…from emails, social media posts, ad copy, landing pages, and launch even scripts. I’m giving you the strategy behind them, and the plug ‘n’ play library. 

I’ve literally thought of everything, to shortcut your success. 

You don’t want to attract clients who won’t do the work to APPLY and implement what you’re teaching them, so explain that there’s work involved. You can use this to attract the traits you want in your clients – coachable, determined, take action on your teaching etc

Yes, you have to show up and #dothework – our favourite phrase in LLT.

But as long as you’re coachable and determined, I’m giving you everything you need to have launch success, the easy, fun way I teach.

So if you know you want to benefit from the incredible power of launches in your business, why make it harder than it needs to be? 

Click HERE and check out everything that you get in Let’s Launch Together. Call to action

Remind them that doors are closing soon and you won’t be opening them again for a while

The doors are closing very soon and I won’t be running it again for many months. 

Add in some proof of the types of results your clients have achieved from working with you and taking the program, if you have them

Times have changed, and launching has evolved (it needed to!) With LLT you get what’s working right now. From my LLT members to my 6 & 7 figure private clients, I’ve coached students through every hiccup you can imagine, and I have my finger on the pulse for what your audience is craving right now. 

Our student results so far show:

  • They each achieved an average total sales of £24,983 per launch
  • They converted at an average of 9% (which is 4.5x the industry average)

In total, together they’ve brought in 5282 new customers into their businesses, generated 85,178 leads and wowed them during their launch experiences, and generated £2,502,422 in sales.

I think it’s fair to say my unique Launch Experience®  works!

You can use a light touch of FOMO to close, about being excited to start with the new members in a couple of days, and invite them to join you.

The new members will be starting on their exciting Let’s Launch Together journey this coming Monday, planning their own awesome Launch Experience®  and I’d love to see you doing the same. 

Ready to join us?

Just click here, and let’s go! Call to action

Laura x