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Conversion Email #2: Myth-busting / why what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked & why this program is different (mid cart open)  [TEMPLATE]


Subject #1: Why what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked Dealing with the objection that many people have

Subject #2: What makes LLT different from what you’ve already tried What makes your program different

Hi lovely!

Opener to show empathy and understanding

Have you noticed that somewhere along the line you stopped hearing what your gut was trying to tell you? 

You tried all of the things that everyone said would make the difference in your business, but none of them felt like YOU. 

Maybe you can relate? This is to get them engaged with what you’re talking about – you want the reader mentally nodding a ‘yes’

What are 2-3 common things in your niche that people get told to do, but that often don’t work because they’re too hard, or overwhelming, or advanced etc – list them out, to show that you ‘get’ the things they’ve already tried. Note – We don’t criticise competitors or their programs though, just common industry processes and/or misconceptions/misguided beliefs.

You were told…

“You have to be everywhere.” 

So you scrambled to post multiple times a day across all your social media, and joined every group under the sun to add value. But all it did was leave you feeling exhausted, with nothing to show for it.

“You need an evergreen funnel.” 

So you spent months (maybe years) crafting a funnel that took forever to set up, and then became a bottomless money-pit running ads to cold traffic, only to result in crickets.

“You have to always be open.” 

So you constantly focus on marketing, discovery calls and proposals, drip-feeding 1 or 2 new clients a month into your business, only to find that it’s so overwhelming that you don’t have enough energy left to serve your clients how you want; as your very best self. 

Maybe you’ve tried other launch models, but found it so over-complicated, tech-heavy, and prescriptive about how you had to be, that you felt like you were being forced to turn into someone you’re not, and it left you put off ever launching again.

You’re letting them ‘off the hook’ by indirectly saying it’s not your fault you haven’t succeeded before

It’s no wonder you’ve probably thrown your hands in the air on more than one occasion, asking ‘Does it really have to be this hard?’   

Now you segue into how your program is different – simpler/easier/more support etc

The good news is that no, it doesn’t!

When you grow your business the Let’s Launch Together way, we do things differently. 

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Go into how your program is going to be a better fit for them (keep it high level, not nitty gritty module/bonuses detail). Use upbeat language – people want to be inspired and know you’ve got their back, not that it’s going to be a struggle and grind (although be honest about doing the work of course)

It’s all about building your perfect audience and crafting the most incredible Launch Experience® for them. 

In our style of launching, you get to shine as ALL of you, in full authenticity, serving at your highest level.   

You’re energised, happy, and when it comes to sharing your offer and inviting people to buy, it feels good. Your launch is aligned with who you really are, and your audience are excited to invest in themselves through your offer because you’ve already given them so much value in the launch, they’re blown away. 

You’re the expert they want to listen to, and learn from. And it’s done in a way that feels fun and easy, instead of the dreaded hustle and grind.   

The reason why what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked the way you hoped it would isn’t for lack of trying.

It’s because you were working against who you are. 

You can add in a small personal story about what your big aha moment was that lead you to creating your program this way

I learned the hard way (crippling health issues…hello, rock bottom) that business doesn’t need to be this difficult. 

And that’s WHY I created Let’s Launch Together. 

Give them the BIG benefit they’ll get from joining your program

Join us for 12 weeks and let me show you how to create a fantastic Launch Experience® for your audience. It’s the best way to fill your diary for the next 6-12 months from one event. 

Then you can put all your energy into serving those clients, to help them achieve the amazing transformations you know they want. 

Remind them that the doors are closing soon. 

Click here to see everything that’s included in this ‘done with you’ live round of Let’s Launch Together. Doors close tomorrow and I’d hate you to miss out. Call to action

Add some social proof with a couple of testimonials

We have a ton of testimonials from previous students – you’ll see them on the page. Here are just a couple: 

I’ve gone from wanting to quit my business to £85k and then £96k in my last two launches!

As an offline childcare training agency, I knew we weren’t tapping into the huge online training market enough. Before Laura, I was frazzled with working 70 hour weeks, now I’ve had my biggest launch to date (£96,000). I’ll work with Laura for as long as she coaches!”

Emma Dewey – Director of BabyEm Childcare Training Agency

“I had no idea my success was going to happen so fast!” Within just 12 weeks I followed Laura’s launch plan to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I thought only 3 people would sign up, I wasn’t expecting 15! I spent nothing on ads and I didn’t create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year – people are asking for more and more!”

Yasmine Cheyenne – Author and Spiritual Teacher

Show that you’re excited to be part of their success journey

I’m excited to see what an amazing launch YOU’LL create, as part of our Let’s Launch Together family!

Here are all the details of the programme [link to sales page] Call to action

See you on the inside,

Laura x