1. Cart Open day one [Template]

Subject #1: Let’s Launch Together is live! [Special Invitation] Straight announcement with time factor

Subject #2: Everything you need to launch in 12 weeks flat [Starts now] Benefit focused announcement with time factor

Subject #3: Let’s Launch Together – BIG bonus only for 24 hours Bonus focused/time-limited


Hey lovely!

Reference the last great experience they had with you

We had laughter, bubbles, dance moves, and cake – everything a good party should be!

Segue straight into how they can carry on working with you – announcing your offer

But even though the Planathon has ended, I want to make sure you saw my exciting announcement about how we can carry on creating your BEST launch ever…together…

I’ve just opened the doors to my unique coaching program:

Offer name + call to action

Let’s Launch Together [Click here for full details] [Link to sales page]

The BIG overarching promise of your offer (your service/program/event/course) with a call to action to go to the sales page.

An ‘If…then’ works well here. ‘If you want (benefits/results/outcomes)…..then (do this)’

If you want to have a wildly successful launch, that’s fun and profitable, instead of stressful and disappointing, you definitely need to read this: [link to sale page] 

In the Planathon I already showed you that launches are the route to more profit, impact, and freedom, AND the shortcut to get your amazing-ness out there in the world changing lives.

Sounds good, but HOW do you make it happen?

Paint a picture of what the reader’s life will be like with your help/course/program etc

Imagine having someone show you step-by-step how to plan and deliver your online launch, all the way from early planning and audience-building, right through to delivering a fun launch experience, and hearing that satisfying ka-ching as you get paid.

Occasional questions like this are a useful device to get the reader to say in their head ‘yes it would be a relief’

What a relief, right?

Contrast it with the pain points and challenges they would still be struggling with if they didn’t have your help/course/program etc

No more trying to figure out the “how,” grappling with the tech, or stressing over what happens on which day.

And no more awkwardly trying to be someone you’re not, before finally giving up exhausted and defeated.

Why your offering is different

In Let’s Launch Together [Linked to sales page] we do things differently….

When you join, I’m right by your side, coaching you every step of the way.

A *brief* overview of what’s in your program/course (see explainer notes above)

And everything you need for a successful launch is at your fingertips…

  •         Your day by day, week by week plan to go from idea to launch in 12 weeks flat, without ever feeling lost or overwhelmed
  •         Live coaching calls, so you get lightning speed answers to your questions, with my proven solutions that get you unstuck and moving forward fast
  •         Step by step training so you can focus on showing up and wowing your audience instead of drowning in tech
  •         Launch swipes and template – from emails, social media posts, ad copy, launch event scripts and more – these are my tried and tested materials to shortcut your success
  •         TWO juicy cash-boosting bonuses
  •         My personal feedback, brainstorming, hot seat sessions, an amazing supportive members’ community…and more     


If you’re offering a time-limited bonus to encourage the fast action-takers detail it here. If you have social proof about the bonus use it!

Plus if you join now you get my Fast-Action BONUS: The Planathon Debrief, Masterclass & Video Diary [Only Available For 24 Hours]

I’m spilling EVERYTHING about the Planathon – how it was created, what worked, what didn’t, what failed and what CRUSHED IT!

You’ll get all the juicy details about this launch and the results, including the winning ads and emails. This model of launch is my favourite ever, and it’s a big part of what I’m coaching you on in Let’s Launch Together, so seeing my candid behind-the-scenes debrief, and spill-all video diary is super valuable to have in your back pocket!


The presumptive close – where you use wording which ‘assumes’ they’ll be joining you, and that you’re excited to see them get the outcome they want

I can’t wait to see what you’ll launch in 12 weeks’ time, lovely!

Final call to action

Find out all the juicy details of how to get my help every step of the way HERE [Link]

Laura x